Benrido Collotype inks are handmade by craftsmen

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Currently, there are 60 colors of inks. We mix and knead them to create colors.

We, Benrido Collotype Atelier, order special custom made inks for collotype.
Mitsuboshi Ink CO.,LTD in Sakai, Osaka makes those specially made inks for us. Collotype inks contain average 60% of pigments. Therefore they have great heat and weather resistance.

LOGO of Mitsuboshi Ink

An article named “Image stability of collotype print” which compares weather-resistance of collotype and inkjet was published in an annual of Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of photography in 2011.

The article says: Both color materials have great preservative quality in dark place and light resistance (Inkjet was slightly better), But about discoloration when exposed to ozone, collotype prints showed greater resistance than inkjet prints. It also says there is still not enough reliability to change collotype to inkjet.

⇒read more “Image stability of collotype print”
YAMAGUCHI Takako / Conservator, Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography
TAKAHASHI Norihide / College of Art, Nihon University
OKAWA Yusuke / Graduate School of Advanced Integration Science, Chiba University

How to make Collotype inks

Base of Collotype Ink, medium, RESIN VARNISH (Right) and its materials.
(From left)Resin, linseed oil, soy oil, Resin varnish high viscosity, medium viscosity

Printing Inks are usually made of color materials, medium (vehicle), assistant.
Quality oils(linseed oil and Soy oil) and high viscosity Resin Varnish are used to make vehicle for collotype ink.

Color materials

The R&D team of Mitsuboshi Ink picks pigments and makes combinations of colors to create inks that color tones and weather resistance matches our needs, Follows developed recipes, pigments, varnish and assistants are mixed. Usually, inks are mass-produced by machines. But collotype inks are handmade.


Taking varnish. Mixing high and medium viscosity varnish.


Then mix pigments.


Mixed materials of Ink.
Collotype inks contain a lot of pigments. Therefore it cannot be knead well if all the pigment is put at once.


So mix varnish and half of the pigment at first.


Put materials in the mixing machine. When most of it is mixed, put the other half of pigment. It needs a lot of works of a craftsman.


Almost done.


Put it in the cans and put labels.
Benrido special Collotype inks are completed.

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Without these inks, we cannot collotype. Even Benrido orders only a few of each color, many craftsmen spend time and effort to make those high quality. Without Mitsuboshi Inks cooperation, Benrido collotype cannot exist.
“We are proud these inks become facsimiles of cultural heritages and art works by collotype and remain to future”

We sincerely appreciate Mitsuboshi ink’s cooperations.


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