Antony Cairns ‘LA-LV / LDN_Process' exhibition at Kyotographie 2016

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HARIBAN AWARD 2015 Exhibition

hariban award 2015_2

KYOTOGRAPHIE international Photo festival 2016 Main program
HARIBAN AWARD2015 Grand prrize Exhibition
Antony Cairns
Collotype exhibition  ‘LA-LV / LDN_Process’

KYOTOGARPHIE international photo competition started in 2013, and it’s 4th edition this year.
Now it’s becoming famous as a big event in spring in Kyoto. Benrido has been involved with Kyotographie
since the first edition. And from 2014, we have been hosting an international photo competition “HARIBAN AWARD”
which aims to spread collotype technique.

The winner of the award receives two weeks of artist-in-residence in Kyoto to create
collotype prints with master artisans of Benrido atelier and the right to exhibit their own work at Kyotographie as an associated program.

The winner of the first edition Awoiska van der Molen (Netherland) exhibited her winning photographs at the Kosei-in (Traditional Japanese “Sukiya” style townhouse in Kyoto).
This is the photo from the last year.

awoiska kyotographie1

We received as much as 234 applications for the HARIBAN AWARD 2015, the second edition. From all those applicants, Antony Cairns from London won the grand prize. Antony applied the first edition in 2014 and received Jury’s special prize. In 2015, it was his second challenge, and YES he did win!
→We will write an outline of HARIBAN AWARD2015 later.

hariban award 2015_7

This exhibition is to show result of HARIBAN AWARD 2015 and also this exhibition became one of the main programs because the work of Antony matches the theme of KYOTOGRAPHIE 2016 “Circle of Life” (I’ll explain it later). This is his first exhibition in Japan. So was Awoiska’s last year. We feel pleasure this Award is being good opportunities to introduce young foreign photographers to audience Japan.

hariban award 2015_11

The venue: SferaExhibition

Born in London in 1980, Cairns is a traditionally-trained photographer who learnt his trade at the London College of Printing, before studying the forgotten and discarded photographic methods that later became instrumental to his artistic style. AMC Books published his three-volume “LDN” series of photographs, which take the city of London as their main motif, and which received the 2013 Fotobookfestival Photo Book Award in Kassel, Germany.

hariban award 2015_8

At KYOTOGRAPHIE in addition to “LDN” series, he will be showing images from his series, “LA-LV” (Los Angeles/Las Vegas). mainly printed with Benrido artisans last Autumn, as well as collotype prints created from the tablet images with (Electronic Ink=EI) and printed on aluminum plates.

hariban award 2015_66

「LA-LV」 series Collotype ver.

Antony’s photograph production starts with shooting the night views of a city with a film camera named Minox made in Germany. He releases the shutter when he sees construction sites, interesting buildings etc while he wonders around city. And he develops them in a darkroom by himself. At that step, he often pursues imperfection by using experimental trials. City scenes in his developed images are abstracted and sometimes it’s hard to tell what the actual object was. Monochrome abstract images make it difficult to find where the scenes are taken. Maybe I could say this is part of globalization.

hariban award 2015_12
Punching Metal and mounted with thread, done by himself.
“Kyoto Benrido” is embossed.

As the title includes “Process”, he thinks that the whole process of production is photography. This exhibition exactly expresses how he thinks of “photography”.hariban award 2015_9

Above works are printed in aluminum plates. Hard and cold touch of aluminum plates which match his world.

hariban award 2015_10

The works above represents the theme of this exhibition the most. More recently, he has been exhibiting images made with electronic ink on tablet computers that are then dismantled. EI in「LDN EI」means electoric Ink. He tries to represent reincarnation of photographic technology by reprinting the works used state-of-the-art technology, this time by collotype which is 150year old classic technique. This exactly matches the theme of Kyotographie this year “Circle of life”.

hariban award 2015_16

(from the left) LDN EI, Collotype plate the image printed on, Collotype work printed from the plate in the middle.

Besides above works, his hand made photo book and slides works are exhibited. You can take them in your hands and feel them.

hariban award 2015_4

hariban award 2015_17

〈OSC〉Punched card works

These pictures were taken in Osaka while his artist-in-residence last year. The newest photo book「OSC」(=Osaka Station City). The night views taken around Umeda station in Osaka were inkjet printed on punch cards which used be used for computer programs. Antony plans to collotype those photographs by himself and exhibits them in London near future.

hariban award 2015_5

A Talk session with Mr.Simon Baker (right)

On April 24th, a talk session of Simon Baker ( senior curator, photograph section, Tate modern) and Antony was held. Antony explained his own works and talked how he started taking pictures at the age of 15 and then how he reached the current style in relaxed atmosphere.

One guest asked him “Today you can make images abstract using something lik Photoshop. But is there any reason why you stick to darkroom process?”
Antony answered “The photography has developed with techniques in each period. Therefore now there are varieties of selections from classic to state of art digital techniques.
I feel happy I get to choose what I think good from those”.

Recently, it seems like the number of photographers who adopt classic printing techniques is increasing. From the point of view of Hariban Award host, I feel collotype is attracting attention as one of classic printing techniques from overseas, especially in Europe.

Hariban Award is now the 3rd edition. Now, calling for entry.
We look forward to receiving wonderful photographs from all over the world.
Do not miss this rare chance. And we look forward to make collotype prints of your photographs with master artisans of Benrido atelier in Kyoto, this Autumn!


hariban award 2015_20

Hariban Award 2015 Official Catalogue (Limited 80 copies) $42.50
purchase here

hariban award 2015_18
「LDN EI」collotype prints can be purchased here

Exhibited photo books can be purchased from here:


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